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Infrared Certified ® Inspection

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Mike Castro CMI® at 440-328-4142

What is Thermal Imaging?
   Thermal imaging is where the photographs or videos are made up of heat signatures rather than light. This means that you can see things that give off heat in different temperatures and would not be visible to the naked eye.. (Thermal imaging is not an x-ray machine, it only sees temperature differences)
Thermal Imaging Camera
   Thermal Imaging Cameras are required to capture thermal photography and to do a Infrared Certified ® Inspection. These cameras come in different shapes and sizes and are much more expensive than conventional camera. The pictures taken can then be downloaded to a computer and an easy to read report can be completed.
This a picture of what my Infrared Camera looks like.
Uses for Thermal Imaging
   There are many different uses of thermal imaging. For example: when the police and helicopters use it to find criminals. These cameras can find the heat signature of people even if they are hiding under trees. The Predator uses Infrared to see his victims.
I use a thermal imager to find heat that is escaping from a building.  A Infrared Certified ® Inspection will show you exactly which areas of the building need to be improved.
Saving Energy Dollars with a Infrared Certified ® Inspection
   I know everyone works very hard for their money (in order to pay the bills), but what you do not realize is how much of your hard earned energy dollars are actually slipping right through the cracks of your home. Keeping your home at a comfort level (by conditioning it) can be very costly. I know everyone would like to reduce their energy bills in our freezing winter months and then again, in the summer cooling months. Well, a good place to start would be a Professional Infrared Certified ® Inspection. An  Infrared Certified ® Inspection will actually show you where you are wasting your hard earned energy dollars, and at the same time, will demonstrate how you can properly seal those areas that are pulling your energy dollars to the outside of your house.
How Does the Air Escape?
   Air infiltrates into and out of your home through every hole and crack. About one-third of this air infiltrates through openings in your ceilings, walls, and floors. Graph below shows you where most of your air leaks from.

 To see actual Photos of Thermal Home Inspections
Click On the Graph Above.
Then Click on each picture to read what happen.

To see a video on The Consumer's Guide to Infrared Thermography Click on camera

What can I use Thermal Imaging for?
   An infrared camera allows me to perform a comprehensive Infrared Certified ® Inspection within your home by locating and pin-pointing those areas where unconditioned air is infiltrating into the living areas. Most air infiltrations are located at wall penetrations (such as windows, doors, vents, etc), and at transition areas of fully insulated walls, ceilings and floors. A Infrared Certified ® Inspection will identify the smallest of insulation breaches and fissures within the concealed cavities of walls and ceilings. During my  Infrared Certified ® Inspection, I literally show you where you are wasting your precious energy resources and hard earned dollars. My IR camera enables me to point out exactly where those costly energy dollars are being lost. I then assist you in determining how to properly insulate those breached areas with minimum damage to their surfaces, so you can get the most out of your heating and cooling systems for many years to come.
   An Infrared Certified ® Inspection can be used to verify problems caused by poor design, poor workmanship, or material failure. With the ridiculously high priced heating fuel today, my Infrared Certified ® Inspection can pay for itself in as little as one year. This is the ideal inspection to conduct for numerous situations in a typical home; Missing Insulation, Leaking Pipes & Roofs, Moist Walls,Air Infiltration, Termites, Rodents, Missing Children, and Many uses.

I am a Infrared Certified Inspector, Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector, and a Certified Mold Inspector.

My Report
   My Infrared Certified ® Inspection report consist of Thermal imaging pictures combined with digital photographs and easy to understand discriptions that will greatly enhance your understanding of just what the problem is and how to go about having it repaired with minimum damage to the home. My Infrared Certified ® Inspection report enhances your ability to deal directly with the contractors that may be performing the repair work for you. All you have to do is show your contractor the Infrared Certified ® Inspection report and they will fully understand your issues. After the contractor completes their upgrade, and before any final payment, clients often contact me to perform a final Infrared Certified ® Inspection to verify that all work was performed correctly. (Additonal cost)

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